Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Cherup's Rats Nest

I have finally begun to make this wonderful time capsule ready for the water. 

I have studied. I have read. I have listened. I have thought about it......time and time again.

I have been over this boat, inside and out.

Where to begin? Well, this is a good as any system.

Under the dash, on the footboard is a hatch that leads to the bow. Crawling into the bow, a mess of wires.

I pulled out the old wiring harness. Not much of a harness. Just a lot of wires comprising a system that got the job done.

This was about 20 hours of work. Well worth it. Seeing the lights on was very satisfying.

Looking towards the stern. WOW! What a mess. So many wires!!

The Bilge.  An oily, wiry mess!!  Notice the flywheel on the Phantom 125 in background.

I sent this pictures to Tom Coen. He recalls these lights well, saying "That spot light guided us home on many occasions."

Bilge Rat!!

The spotlight shines again! New light socket and rewire. I utilized sections of the original wiring in visible locations.

Wires from the 20's. Can you say hazardous!!!!

Here is what I found in the bow, no navigation light fixture and loose wiring.

Re-dressed and ready to go.
Ready to go. Clean lens and bright 6 volt light.
New wires. Rerouted and stapled. 

Now all of the wires run outside of the hatch opening. Taking a cue from the original system, I used leather straps and nails for staples to secure the wiring in place.


Next will be the stern light and wire.

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  1. So impressive! Just think your great grandpa wired that boat in the first place and you touched the things he touched. You make us all proud. Love the light on. Cheerup is shining again!