Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mechanical Progress

Did I mention that this boat is 90 years old? And it might need some work? Or a lot of my time? Well all of the above are true!!!

But I am equal to the task.

Here are a few of the things I have been working on.

The stern light needed rewiring and a new bulb socket. I added a quick disconnect to make the cover easier to put on.

Every classic wood runabout needs an Ensign.

Add a new wire to the switch up front and.....wa la!! Light!!!!

This hole in the transom is where the gas tank was vented, I will enlarge it from 5/8" to 3/4" to accommodate larger vent fitting. Although I hate to drill on this wood, I am using an existing whole.

The fitting installed.

I know this not a round gas tank, but it is 30+ years old and has never had gas in it. That counts, right?

Gas filler neck.

The shaft log was in need of some attention!

Dirty and greasy!!

 Check out this old gasket.

Someone hand me a scraper.

The old stuffing.

The new hose for the connection to the shaft log.

Ready for the water!!

Here is my brother, Joe, getting the old MN numbers off.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Cherup's Rats Nest

I have finally begun to make this wonderful time capsule ready for the water. 

I have studied. I have read. I have listened. I have thought about it......time and time again.

I have been over this boat, inside and out.

Where to begin? Well, this is a good as any system.

Under the dash, on the footboard is a hatch that leads to the bow. Crawling into the bow, a mess of wires.

I pulled out the old wiring harness. Not much of a harness. Just a lot of wires comprising a system that got the job done.

This was about 20 hours of work. Well worth it. Seeing the lights on was very satisfying.

Looking towards the stern. WOW! What a mess. So many wires!!

The Bilge.  An oily, wiry mess!!  Notice the flywheel on the Phantom 125 in background.

I sent this pictures to Tom Coen. He recalls these lights well, saying "That spot light guided us home on many occasions."

Bilge Rat!!

The spotlight shines again! New light socket and rewire. I utilized sections of the original wiring in visible locations.

Wires from the 20's. Can you say hazardous!!!!

Here is what I found in the bow, no navigation light fixture and loose wiring.

Re-dressed and ready to go.
Ready to go. Clean lens and bright 6 volt light.
New wires. Rerouted and stapled. 

Now all of the wires run outside of the hatch opening. Taking a cue from the original system, I used leather straps and nails for staples to secure the wiring in place.


Next will be the stern light and wire.

Under Cover

At some point in the past, the seats in the boat were covered. The 2nd layer was wrapped around the original (I think).

Here is the back seat. This is the lower bench seat. It is similar to the front seat.

Coil springs. 

The stitching needs some work.

Nails for tacking the cover.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Wise Boat Works Circa 1920's

With the Lake Dora Boat Show coming up soon, I thought that I would share a great picture that I got from Fred Wise in Mt. Dora.

Here is the boat works when it was first opened. This is sometime in the mid 20's. A very sleek launch with painted sides and varnished deck tied to the dock.

Wise Boat Works,  Mt. Dora

Here is the crew, made up of Swedish carpenters that came south from the plant in Minnesota.

Workers at the Wise Boat Works, Harry Joseph Wise is fist on right end of the back row.