Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cherup's Water Exhibition circa 1930

Cherup Makes Her Cass Lake Debut -

1930 - Star Island, Cass Lake, Minnesota 

After being transported by rail car from Lake Minntonka, The Wise Boat and Bus Works 24' runabout "Cherup" makes her debut on on the sixth largest lake in Minnesota.  Mr. Coen, seen at the helm, shows how well the boat handles at speed, zig zagging his way across the lake. The sleek Wise built boat cuts makes good speed with the Scripps F-6 under the hatches. The boat handles very well in reverse, as seen being backed under the canopy. What a sight it is! This is a great look back in time.

Stay tuned for more of this exclusive film shot during the 1930's by the Coen Family . Upcoming are some great episodes of the Coen family fishing on the Upper Mississipi river in a 1920's Dingle and some color footage of the the Cherup in the mid 1940's.  

Thanks to Tom Coen for the film.