Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2011 Sunnyland Antique Boat Festival Pictures

What an incredible show!  Here are some pictures of the 3 day event that had over 250 boats!  I

Take your pick.

Ready to head to the Islands!

So special!

Cool second helm station.

Correct Craft of Orlando

Plane or boat?  Fast Boat!

Is that a car over there, yes it is!

How many gators can you find?

Jr. Judges Judging Jr.



Ready to go for a ride.

Nice Restoration done by Richard Arnold at Rejuvenation Woodworks of Eustis, Fl

Rumrunner, Jr. Judges Favorite.

HI, Dick!

I hope you enjoyed these pictures!  If you ever get a chance to go a classic boat show,  Do It!!!
Sunnyland sure put on a great show, very well run and everyone was very, very nice!
Thanks Sunnyland!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cherup Wins "One of a Kind" Award at Lake Dora Boatshow

A real honor!

Lake Dora Boat Show Day 2, Saturday

The Best Day!

Having an old wood boat is one thing.  Having an old wood boat and sharing it with a lot of other people is another.  Sharing it with a lot of people who are your family, friends, clients and people who dig wood boats is just the best.  I have had an describable day!  I started out wanting to high light the story of the boat and what I got was way beyond my expectations.  People is what it is about.  The boat is physical.  The story is emotional.

I saw family members, friends I had not seen in years, clients who are part of my family and new acquaintances who are now part of Cherup's story.

I have so many pictures and stories, but it is so late and I have to go back to Tavares for the fourth time in four days in the morning, which is not that far from now.  I will have more in the next few days.

Jr. 1927 Chris-Craft

Gar Wood Boat

Gar Wood Boat


Kermath Power


Very Red!

Many more cool boats to follow!  This is just one dock of four!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Lake Dora Boat Show

Cherup is having a great day! The third picture is the "Thayer IV" from "On Golden Pond".

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lake Dora Boat Show - Registration Day

Cherup waiting her turn for tractor service
Our spot under the tree by the lake!