Sunday, December 19, 2010

First Look

The Wise Boat and Bus Works 1924 23' twin cockpit runabout. 

Warehouse kept by F. Todd Warner since 1978, The Cherup is a time capsule.

It has not been in the water in over 30 years!

The hull is in good shape with no apparent rotted wood.  The hull seems sound to my novice eye.

The transom has a board that is pulling away from the frame at the exhaust pipe, some work needed here.
The hull has a deep V.  The beam is just 6' but appears very broad at the front cockpit. The keel is six inches wide and runs the length the length of the hull.

 The front cockpit with the fold away step to the right.

The rear cockpit.

The motor has oil in it, the valve stems are freshly ground and the fly wheel turns by hand.  The motor is a 1948 Gray Phantom 6-125. Very big and heavy! I hope she cranks.  

Looks to be a 6 volt electrical system.

The wiring looks like it could use some going over.

The rudder control arm and worm gear.

The bow and the spot light control linkage.

The under dash horn!

F.Todd Warner identified the original dash as an Elgin gauge and a black tri-spoke steering wheel.  These and the window parts are from a Gar Wood boat. The interesting thing is that in the early twenties, Wise was building boats in the Minnesota area, he was also building buses.  Gar Wood started his hydraulic empire in the same area around the same time.  Is there a connection here?

Other elements of  The Cherup that come from other boat builders include the vent scoops and the step pads from a Hacker.  The gas cap is from a Dingle, also from Minnesota.
What influences are seen in the hull design?  Warner suggests that the boat is an advanced design for the time.   Did these other boat builders contribute to the look of this boat?  What will she ride like?

Stay tuned......