Friday, February 4, 2011

Wise Boat Works Wins Bid For New Launch!

From the Standing Committee on Purchases.

Minneapolis. Minn.. March 6, 1914. To the Honorable Board of Park Commissioners:
Gentlemen: Your Standing Committee on Purchases respectfully reports that the Superintendent has asked for quotations for the construction of a launch to be used on Lake Harriet or Lake Calhoun, upon the same specifications as were used in the construction of the present boat on Lake Harriet.

The following bids were received:  
Wise Boat Works, Wayzata, Minn.$1975.00 
Ramaley Boat Co., Wayzata, Minn. $2361.68 
Racine, Truscott & Shell Lake
Boat Co. Muskegon, Mich $3000.00

Your committee recommends that the proper officers of the Board, be and hereby, are authorized to enter into a contract with H. J. Wise and P. W. Tibbitts, a co-opartnership, doing business as the Wise Boat Works, for the construction of a launch according to plans and specifications prepared by the Superintendent of Parks and submitted 'herewith.
Respectfully submitted,

Adopted.                                                                                                                                    Committee.

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