Friday, November 12, 2010

Got Boat?

First let me say, WOW!  This day has been..... there are no words, yet!  Maybe I am just to overwhelmed by all that we did today!  First, I wish Maguire, Jackson and Harrison where with me to share this with!  I will be home soon.  After I get some sleep.

The Wise Family home is  behind the trees.

The Wise crew in front of Mahogany Bay

The 1924' Wise Boat and Bus Works 23'  Split  Cockpit Runabout at  location of the Wise Boat Works

Guess who?!

In front of the Wise Family Plot.  Thomas, Bridget and Martha are at the top of the hill. Front row.



  1. Awesome!!! I am incredibly proud of all the Wise men in my family for locating and acquiring this amazing family heirloom. It brings tears to my eyes, as I have grown up around the family businesses of boat building and boat house building my entire life and to have this special piece of the puzzle returned to the family is like bringing home a long lost family member. We have a wonderful legacy and this beautiful boat proves it! Thank you, thank you to my brother Dennis and nephew Chris for making this happen and to my nephews Mark and Matt for helping in the transport home. I heard there is snow to deal with today! Good grief! The plot thickens! Love, Aunt Donna (Wise) Olavarria.

  2. This is really exciting. What a thrill to have a Wise Boat! I can't wait to see it and hear more about your adventures. Love from your cousin Diana.

  3. The wise Men are at it again! I can't wait to see it. If one of you crashes, don't bother to come home

    Uncle Pete

  4. Great job!!! What a wonderful adventure and undertaking for three handsome Wisemen. Wishing you lots of luck and love as the saga continues. So glad you made it home safely. Hugs, Mom xxxooo